Our primary services are:

· Technical inspection and complete registration of passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles and mopeds all in one place.

· Scheduling a technical inspection, without waiting and wasting time, the fastest and most convenient in town


The price of our services includes VAT
Motorcycles 4000 rsd
Mopeds 4000 rsd
Passenger vehicles 6000 rsd
Cargo vehicles 6000 rsd
Administrative services 1000 rsd
Six-month passenger vehicles 6000 rsd
Six-month-old trucks 6000 rsd
Re-technical inspection 3500 rsd

What is a technical inspection and what is it for?

The technical inspection of the vehicle is a set of work operations during which the technical correctness of devices and equipment, i.e. the correctness of the vehicle as a whole, is determined by appropriate measurements and comparison of the measured values ​​with the prescribed values, as well as by visual inspection without or with the use of appropriate tools, without significant disassembly. whether the vehicle meets the prescribed conditions and technical standards for participation in traffic and on the road. Technical inspection is mandatory for all vehicles before registration. The technical inspection determines whether the vehicle is technically correct to be able to enter traffic and whether it meets all the necessary regulations.

The most wanted associate in Nis and its surroundings

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of customers, as well as to constantly improve the position of the service by developing a quality service

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