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We are a company with a trusted certificate for more than 10 years. Our services vary from: complete registration and technical inspection, all types of insurance and a discount on the price of the policy, green card, vehicle transfer in the entire territory of Serbia, deferred payment without interest, all kinds of administrative services.
With your ownership, we can complete everything for you about your car A large number of regular customers is our best advertisement, we hope that you will be one of them! Come to see why we are the best in a pleasant environment and with friendly staff.
* Issuance of registration stickers and the possibility of paying for a technical inspection without going to the bank and the police station.
The technical inspection is carried out by experienced and licensed inspectors who have many years of experience. The procedure of performing the technical inspection itself is carried out using calibrated and calibrated devices and equipment of the most modern and latest generation, which is extremely precise. The result of all this is that the vehicle inspected by us will provide the owner with maximum driving safety.

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